Wheel Assemblers (Pty) Ltd offers specially developed end to end just in time (JIT) and just in sequence (JIS) tyre assembly. We cater for a comprehensive range of passenger car, light truck, truck and other assemblies in various sizes and configurations. Our assembly process conforms to international automotive production standards and we are ISO certified.

Wheel Assemblers was established in 2003 to focus on automotive, high and medium volume, wheel assembly line operations.
We have been involved with Ford Motor Company South Africa (FMCSA) since 2007 and within the first three months of operation, reduced their scrap rate from 3% to 0.28%.

In 2011 we managed to obtain the contract for the Ford T6 model on fully automated equipment and have been running the plant since then. In July 2015 Wheel Assemblers started delivering the first 3- series assemblies to BMW South Africa from our Rosslyn based plant. In April 2018 Wheel Assemblers started delivering the first X3 assemblies to BMW South Africa from our Rosslyn based plant.

We invested nearly 4 years in the development of solutions to provide the best cost effective and quality assembly solution to fit our clients’ needs which results in:
• Complete supply chain management
• Reduced labour costs
• Increased production output
• Eliminating manual handling concerns
• Reducing damages
• Reducing line stoppages
• Increasing client profits
• Increasing traceability
• Reducing scrap
• Optimizing investment versus return designs
• Increased quality and quality management


Wheel assembly outsourcing is seen as a supplier related business similar to fuel tank, harness or seat assembly. It is becoming a specialised and safety critical operation. We have specialised insurance to indemnify our clients against manufacturing related claims. We also monitor the manufacturing process to insure traceability on our assembly process. To date we have had not had a single claim after nearly 4 million assemblies.

The outsourcing of wheel assembly is a common requirement for OEMs. We have been involved with Ford Motor Company since 2007 and within the first three months of operation, reduced the scrap rate from 3% to 0.28%. We have also recently been awarded the new Ford T6 contract as a T1 supplier on fully automated equipment. In 2015 we started producing assemblies for BMW for the three series and from 2018 for the X3.

We have had plant visits from all major OEMs and we are currently working on the expansion of our business into the international market.
Wheel Assemblers are constantly working with other OEMs in designing and finding opportunities for our company to improve cost and quality of assemblies. Wheel assembly is an opportunity to outsource based on:

• Limited available space due to growth in business and opportunity to utilize space for direct vehicle assembly benefits
• Lowering on-site stockholding of rims and tyres
• Relatively low risk operations to outsource
• Low value add operation
• High maintenance operation and high capital investment
• Opportunity to attract local incentives

Services and Applications

Complete Roller & Belt Conveyor Systems | Scheduling, Tracking, and Data Delivery | Wheel Load Process | Wheel & Tyre Vision Systems | Dispense & Cut Systems Robotic or Manual Stemming operations | Tyre Load Process | Lift Assists | Material Racks | Marquee & Operator Interfaces | TPM Sensor Verification | Assembly Unload & Delivery Product Traceability | Logistic Services | Stock Control | Labour Services | Maintenance & Product Management | Insurance & Product Liability Requirements